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The best rejection email for my comedy-drama

I am so... so sorry for the noise WFTV table read

It's been a good week. I spent this afternoon with a writing... buddy, friend, companion? We've not quite settled on a crime-fighting style title for our duo activities as yet, but we've been getting together monthly since late last year to discuss writing, creativity, script ideas, monologue ideas, and more. I always come away fresh, inspired, and well-hydrated.

Earlier this week I took part in week 2/6 of the table read group run by the Women in Film and TV organisation. It was my turn to read scene directions for the chosen script which I was poised and ready to do... and then the builders renovating our kitchen began drilling. I don't know how sensitive the mic is on a Zoom call but I felt awful.

"Did you apologise and let them know you were having work done?"
"God No... I was hoping they might think it was in the background of someone else's connection."
"Like if you fart in a crowded room and pretend it's someone else?"

Malc knew where I was coming from.

What's discussed in the table read group, stays in the group but what I can say is that these ladies are sharp, passionate and working hard on their creative projects, and why not? Why not pursue that sitcom or drama idea that's been languishing in a drawer at the back of your head?

More and more I see the return on taking action. I realise the power of flipping open the laptop and tinkering on a script in idle moments (as well as dedicated writing time), even if it's just working on one scene, or getting down a really rough draft—barely more than scene directions. Those snatched moments of activity can add up to something substantial over time.

That being said, I haven't written this week, I gave myself a week off writing (and exercise... and healthy food) as I settled back into work after my trip to Vegas for a client meeting. During that week I surprised myself by managing to snatch hours in between meetings to write a radio drama script: "Captured" to submit to the Alfred Bradley Bursary Award. I didn't even gamble (red 23, I missed you...)

On to my best rejection email.

Earlier this week I received an email from the BBC Comedy Collective. I'd entered my comedy drama script: "Facing Up" back in January. The email explained that while I'd not made it to the final interview stage, I had made the semi-final stage which accounted for the top 5% of applications.

They were kind enough to also let me know that there were more than 1,400 applications.

I would have loved to have made it through to the final stage of course, but to get this far makes me joyful.

I'm enjoying this writing path, and find the more I write, the more ideas I'm having. Next week I'll be choosing a new creative project to work on. Either a script, or a short film - I'm leaning towards filming something because it's been a while since I got my camera out.

In other news, Shakem Uparry & Eldorado Allen both reached the top 5 in the 16:15 at Aintree for a £50 win, so that's Sunday lunch covered.

And the new Avon catalogue arrived.

As I say, a good week.

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